ProMetre Artwork Requirements

Our Pro Metre service is based on passing savings onto you, by removing most of the artwork checking and admin that is associated with our normal service. The responsibility for your artwork therefore fully transfers to you.

Artwork Agreement

Please remember that when you use the Pro Metre service you are agreeing that:

  1. You will supply your artwork as vector files or high resolution PNGs only.
  2. Your artwork is print ready and you take full responsibility for the image quality, quantity, colours and dimensions.
  3. Your artwork can go straight into out printer rip software and you are happy that it will not be checked by us before printing.
  4. Your artwork will be shipped as it exits the printer without detailed checking, other than to check that all files are printed in the quantities requested and that the print quality is good.
  5. Our printer prints in CMYK and that we are unable to print true fluorescents and metallics.
  6. Prints featuring fades, i.e. colours are not completely opaque, are not suitable for this service as they require printer settings changed.

If you are not confident in submitting your work as outlined above, please use our normal service. If you simply need to cross-check colours, please contact us to purchase one of our Pantone Colour Reference Packs (these show how different Pantones replicate on our printers).

Buy Pantone Colour Reference Pack

Artwork Guidelines

When submitting your artwork, please ensure that the following guidelines are adhered to:

  1. Ensure the maximum print width for each file is 54.5cm and length is 100cm.
  2. Ensure your artwork is submitted in a portrait layout.
  3. Ensure that all unrequired backgrounds are removed and that no pixels remain around the edges of the images.
  4. Ensure all edges are crisp.
  5. Ensure that all fine print and small detail is a minimum of 2 point linage.
  6. Ensure that you have sufficient space for cutting between images.

If you need any advice on ProMetre and our other services, please do email us at or give us a call on 01622 833377.

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