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If you are thinking of buying 20 or more items, get in touch with us for bulk prices, as well as help and advice on the best way to achieve your project. Whether you are buying workwear uniforms or for an organisation, school, club, charity or even a family event, we can provide you with the right products for your needs, artwork support and a quote system that allows you to see your order through every step of the way.

We use multiple methods of printing and decorating your order, depending on your need, the textile type, the quantity and the complexity of the design. Find out more below:

DTF Textile transfers


Full colour, high definition, sleek design: our textile transfers are perfect for any number of products.

Quality logos and text in small areas and your best bet for fibrous materials such as fleeces and knitted items.

Click for DTF Full Colour
Click for Embroidery


We have a huge range of clothing and textile products available for printing.

We can find you the perfect t-shirt, hoodie, jacket, hat, bag, apron, fleece, vest, trousers, shirts, polos, performance wear, sports wear and more.


Send us your logos and artwork and we will incorporate them into your quote for you to review.

We aim to ensure that your designs are as good as they can be. For extended design work, we do charge an artwork fee.


Our ordering system gives you sight of products, prices, artwork and where your order is in the process ...

.. and if you ever want to reorder something, simply go back into your account and click to reorder!

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Click below for our online enquiry form, drop us an e-mail at hello@curiousnewt.co.uk or call us on
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