Artwork Charges

Our Pro Metre service is based on passing savings onto you, by removing most of the artwork checking and admin that is associated with our normal service. Should you need help, however, we can provide artwork assistance. Charges apply as outlined below.

Artwork Charges

Artwork Change

Admin charge/ order (order loading, metrage etc)

Background removal (per file)

Colour change (per file and per colour)

File resize and/ or crop (per file)

Vectorisation & image sharpening (per file)*

Redraw (per file)

License and file copy**

Price (Excl. VAT)






Typically £10-20


* Colour change and resizing included in Vectorisation price.
** We will archive the new files, which can be re-used with us free of charge. This charge only if you wish to have the file for use elsewhere.

Artwork Small Print

Please note that requesting artwork assistance in no way means that all artwork requests are achievable. Some files are so physically small and low res that only a redraw is an option and even that may not be possible. We will always endeavour to help, but it isn't always possible!

Requesting artwork assistance typically adds 24-48 hours to the turnaround time on an order. Please be aware that this is the case. At times of high artwork demand this may extend.

Please note an artwork approval will be sent: once we have your approval and/ or payment, any artwork errors become your liability and reprints to correct errors after this point will be charged at the usual rate.

If you need any further advice, please do email us at or give us a call on 01622 833377.

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