Online Designer Help

Top toolbar

At the top of your screen you will see buttons to:

  1. Select a different product 
  2. Add text to your design (you may need returns to fit a lot of text on)
  3. Add or upload a design (an image must be 300dpi plus to retain quality) 
  4. Add team names (add multiple names to the same design)
  5. On a phone you will also have location (change or add a design location on your garment)

Design locations

Depending on the garment, there will be locations you can design on the front, back and sides. The print areas will be shown as an orange box. Anything outside the box will not printed (or embroidered).

Quality & colour

The quality bar shows whether the image will print well - green is good!

The colours boxes show the image's default colours, which you can change by clicking on them.

Design position & size

You can dynamically change a design's position and size with mouse or touch pad. Alternatively, click settings and make changes with these controls:

  • Move - up, down, side to side and diagonally
  • Increase or decrease size
  • Rotate the design
  • Centre either horizontally or vertically (within orange design area)
  • Flip the image horizontally or vertically
  • Move design elements above or beneath each other, e.g. putting text on top of a picture
  • The actual size the design will be on your garment


Preview, save & share

These small icons allow you to: 

  1. preview your whole design,
  2. go to your cart,
  3. save your design for later and
  4. share the design via social media or email.
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