Pricing & Shipping

When ordering online, the price you see when you look at a product includes the garment and one print area (up to 20x20cm) and includes the VAT.

As you go through the designing process on the website, you may see some slight changes to the cost. The information below shows what causes these changes and how to avoid them, if you choose.

what makes up the price?

The product

Different product styles have different prices, as you would expect.

Colour can also affect price with white and natural the most cost effective and colours slightly more expensive.

Colours with 'heather' in the title have a grain in them and tend to be the most expensive.

The largest sizes are occasionally a little more too.

In the majority of these cases, the difference is a few pence.

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The prints

The printing price depends on the number of locations you design and the size of the print.

Your first 20 x20 cm area is included in the price you see.

If you wanted to design the front and back of a t-shirt, this would be two print areas.

The pricing for embroidery is calculated slightly differently as it depends on the size of the design and number of stitches needed to complete your design. In some cases, artwork for embroidery may need to be created and a fee is charged for this service.

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The cost of delivery includes Royal Mail's charges for the weight and size of your product choice + the cost of packaging. The prices below are for parcels up to 2kg.

We offer a number of different delivery options:

- standard delivery (48 hour tracked) at £5.50 + VAT

- express delivery (24 hour tracked) at £11.75 +VAT

- 1st and 2nd class Royal Mail

- collect direct (Kent only)

- international delivery (prices dependent upon zone and pacakge weight)


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